What is The Cave? 

The Cave began eight years ago as a means for people interested in cycling to stay in shape during the winter months. Earlier this year it was decided to move the indoor riding center to Murdock's Bicycle & Sports and create an opportunity for anyone interested in extending their riding season to participate.

What is an indoor riding center?

In this example the indoor riding center consists of eight rider stations located within the bike shop. Each station has a Computrainer that you attach your bike to that allows you to ride to a program that simulates various terrains and related resistance. For example, if the program/video shows the course going up a mountain the Computrainer will adjust the resistance to replicate what you would experience if you were actually climbing a mountain. If the program/video shows the course going downhill or riding on a flat road the Computrainer adjusts the trainer's resistance and makes it easier to pedal.

What is a Computrainer?

A Computrainer is a stationary indoor trainer that you attach your bike to. The rear axle is locked to the trainer and you adjust the roller push against your tire. The Computrainer is connected to a computer that controls the resistance on the roller against your wheel.

Is this riding center limited to advance cyclists?

No! Anyone can ride and benefit from the riding center experience. Based on your riding experience the program can be adjusted specifically to you. As you advance, your rider profile can be adjusted to help you get stronger and want to increase the challenge.