*All closeout deals are subject to in-store inventory

Roller Derby

We have a selection of Riedell skates, Smith, Pro Derby, and Pro-Tec pads, skate wheels, and toe covers ALL at 40% off. Stop in to check out our selection.


We have a small selection of scooter decks, brakes, wheels, handlebars, and clamps left in stock ALL at 50% off! Buy 1 part, buy them all! Stop in to check out our selection.

Fashion Bags

We have fashion bags from US Sherpa, Equinox, Electra, and Osprey at 40% off! Stop in to check out our selection.


  • We have a selection of Outdoor Research and Craghoppers jackets and fleece jackets at 30% off.
  • Previous year's snowshoes (adult and children) at 30% off. 
  • HATS! All sorts of hats. Knit hats, cycling caps, baseball-style hats, winter hats, summer hats, in-between hats...you need a hat, we've got one. 30%  50% off! 
  • Selection of shorts at 40% off.
  • Triathlon suits and mats at 30% off.
  • Shirts and jerseys at 30% off.
  • Winter gloves & mittens at 30% off.
  • Flip flops at 75% off!
  • Selection of previous year's Keen shoes and boots at 50% off!
  • Stocking stuffers at 50% off!
  • Long underwear at 30% off.


Paddling accessories including PFDs, drip rings, paddle leashes, and paddles at 20% off

Stop in to see our full selection of closeout items!